Indians warming up to the horror genre : Actress Ananya Sengupta

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New Delhi : When actor Ananya Sengupta signed her first supernatural thriller, The Final Exit, her gut might have warned that it may not do well at the box-office, but she was proven wrong.”Over the past two decades, the audience has warmed up to horror movies. Filmmakers are now open to investing in a horror film with A- list cast and elaborate sets. However, horror as a genre is still evolving, and India has a long way to go to tap its full potential. I am confident it is just a matter of time before we get there,” said Sengupta, who was also seen in the movie Ghost’.Intentionally choosing varied genres to prove her versatility, the actor, who has done multiple films down south too will now be seen in the web series Highdose’. “The makers were keen to cast me for the lead role of Revati’. The concept appealed to me and I was quite impressed with their commitment,” said the actor who won the Best Actress’ and Best Supporting Actress’ for short films Engima’ and Silver Gandhi’ at Port Blair International Film Festival and Golden Sparrow International Film Festival respectively.

Sengupta, who will be seen in South-Indian filmmaker Srinivasa Raju’s upcoming film, is optimistic that it would be a turning point in her career. All praise for the “professionalism” in the South Indian film industry, she asserts, “My shoots would start at 7 a.m., which meant I had to wake up at 5 a.m. everyday for 40 days. Shooting two films simultaneously was indeed a challenging task. I shed a few kilos rapidly. Nevertheless, it taught me discipline. The entire team, especially technicians, were really persevering.”The actor, who has a background in theatre, feels that the art form goes a long way in fine tuning an actor’s craft and sensibilities. “It is a much more challenging medium than movies, demanding a lot of homework and preparation. It has surely boosted my confidence and acquainted me with the nuances of acting.”Though Highdose’ is her first OTT outing, the actor feels that digital is no longer a niche segment but in fact the future of the entertainment industry. “Innovations such as in-shopping options and branded content will augment revenue streams for this platform and, at the same time, make it a preferred medium for filmmakers.”The actor’s forthcoming films include Madrasi Gang’ and an untitled one opposite Telugu actor Naveen Chandra. “I am looking forward to hard-hitting scripts that promise substantial roles.”



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