Establishment of Integrated Command Control Centre for Jammu City in progress

Intelligent Traffic Management System to enhance operational efficiency on city roads

Jammu : An Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) is being established in the Jammu City under Smart Cities Mission with an aim to create a better IT based monitoring system to bring various smart services and solutions under one umbrella and to develop the digital ecosystem that will enable development of smart solutions.Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) has recently signed a contract agreement with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for setting up ICCC for Jammu city at the cost of Rs 53 crore. The ICCC, which also includes a Data Centre, will integrate all civic and essential services into a single platform aimed at monitoring and addressing public issues on a real time basis. A giant screen would be installed at the centre, where data related to all these services will be monitored by the officials.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) JSCL, Avny Lavasa today visited one of the two centres that will be set up in Jammu city. She discussed the functioning of the centre with the officials and also inquired about installation of the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) with the Traffic police officers.The ICCC will serve as the nerve centre for various citizen centric services and will lead to efficient monitoring and delivery of services. The Integrated Command and Control Centre, being set up in Jammu City is envisioned to help better address the needs of citizens, thus channelising citizen-centric holistic governance and act as a decision support system.Once operational, the ICCC will have representatives from all departments stationed at the centre headquarters with the aim to put in place a mechanism of synergy between concerned departments for prompt coordination and redressal of public issues.

Through an ICCC, a centralised location, it is possible to quickly disseminate information to citizens on a real-time basis through variable message displays (VMD), PA systems, etc, to facilitate faster action and better management.The ambitious project of ICCC also includes an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) which will be linked to the control centre. Deployment of ITMS is the best solution to ease out the traffic congestion in the city and to ensure a smooth flow of traffic along with the safety of the drivers and pedestrians.ITMS can assist in addressing and resolving a variety of traffic law enforcement challenges. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based application that works in conjunction with cameras set at traffic intersections to detect and identify vehicles that are breaking traffic rules and provide real-time notifications to the Central Command Center. ITMS is a smart and intelligent mobility platform that integrates traffic management devices and equipment effectively.Deployment of ITMS solution will help to enhance the overall reliability and operational efficiency of the traffic management of the city.ITMS will be deployed at the identified junctions along with the necessary cameras for area monitoring. The proposed ITMS will involve setting up of ANPR, RLVD, Box and PTZ cameras across identified Junctions/Intersections in the city.The key identified locations for installation of surveillance cameras are traffic junctions and the entry/exit points of the city. CCTV surveillance at traffic junctions shall be managed with the help of RLVD, ANPR, and PTZ Camera & Box Cameras along with accessories for reviewing, recording and storage of video feeds of CCTV Cameras. JSCL intends to deploy 633 cameras (65 PTZ, 147 RLVD, and 273 ANPR) and 148 Box cameras as part of this ITMS project.The proposed ITMS system shall house software and analytics applications to facilitate deployment of intelligent analytics on the selected cameras and raise alarms & triggers in case of unwarranted activity/policy violations etc. Analytics software shall bring significant benefits to review the incidences and look for suspicious activity in both live video feeds and recorded footages.Jammu Smart City is closely working with JK police to make the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) functional in the coming months. This will help the city officials in addressing traffic related challenges like traffic congestion and traffic violation etc.



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