Delegation of International Pythian Council meets Union Sports Secretary

Chandigarh : A delegation of International Pythian Council and Delphic India Trust led by Bijendra Goyal, Founder of Modern Pythian Games and Secretary General of International Pythian Council met Sujata Chaturvedi, Secretary, Union Sports Ministry. He was accompanied by B. H. Anil Kumar President and Rajesh Jogpal, national general secretary of the Pythian Council of India. The delegation had a detailed discussion regarding the Pythian Games.
The International Pythian Council is an esteemed international organization that actively promotes traditional cultural games, cultural heritage, cultural exchange, and understanding through sports and the arts. The Pythian Games align perfectly with the focused agenda of the Indian government and the United Nations, which aims to promote traditional games.
Your valuable time and attention will be pivotal in addressing this matter and finding viable solutions.We are delighted to bring to your attention that India holds the global trademark rights for the “Pythian Games”, underscoring its immense cultural and historical significance.The Modern Pythian Games represent a fusion of traditional games and artistic activities, much like the Olympics are to sports.
The origins of the Olympics and Pythian Games can be traced back to Greek history, as they were part of the four Pan Hellenic Games that existed from 582 BC to 394 AD. The concept of the modern Olympic Games was introduced to the world by Mr. Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1894, while the undersigned presented the concept of the modern Pythian Games at the global conference of the Delphi Economic Forum in Delphi, Greece, in April 2022.
The National Pythian Councils of 18 countries are currently in the process of legal establishment. Through collaboration with the Modern Pythian Games, India has the opportunity to showcase and promote its rich cultural legacy on a global scale while also preserving and promoting traditional games for future generations.
Furthermore, this collaboration will enhance tourism and create employment opportunities for those involved in these games. India, already a global leader under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, can rightfully lead the world in the sphere of cultural diplomacy and play a significant role in governing the market revenue of traditional games and artistic activities, which amounts to more than 800 billion euros.
A partnership between the Ministry of Sports, the Government of India, the Sports Authority of India, and the Pythian Games can substantially benefit India. It will provide a platform for thousands of Indian players to showcase their skills and talents on a global stage, enable India to engage with other countries, spread the rich cultural heritage of our nation, and facilitate cross-cultural learning.India boasts a rich history of traditional games, martial arts, and cultural games, which are integral to our cultural heritage and continue to be played in villages and talukas across the country.
Examples of traditional games include Circle Kabaddi, Mallar Kambh, Modern Polo, Spear Throw, Yubi Lakpi, Chaturanga, Jalli Kattu, Sagol Kangjei, Kite Flying, Tug of War, Carrom, Tenni Koit, Ball Badminton, Long Jump Traditional, Traditional Archery, Bull Race, Cycle Marathon, and Vallam Kali. Additionally, India is home to various martial arts, such as Kalaripayattu, Thang-ta, Gatka, Silambam, Mallayuddha, Kushti, Varma Kalai, Thoda, and Marma Adi. Our primary focus is to identify diverse sports and activities for the Pythian Games.
These events will serve as a source of inspiration for people worldwide. One noteworthy aspect of our endeavour is the inclusion of traditional Indian games in the list of Pythian games. This inclusion will capture global attention and promote the widespread popularity of these traditional games.
By showcasing Indian traditional games on such a grand platform, we aim to highlight our nation’s rich cultural heritage and sporting prowess. These games can unite people, break down barriers, and foster international camaraderie. Through the Pythian Games, we strive to ignite a global fascination with Indian traditions and sportsmanship.
Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the 1st National Pythian Games. We are thrilled to announce that the Pythian National Games are scheduled to follow in September 2024. This succession of events will ensure the continuity and growth of the Pythian Games, fostering long-term engagement and enthusiasm among participants and spectators alike.
As we progress with our preparations, we eagerly anticipate the support and participation of athletes, organizations, enthusiasts, and governments worldwide. Together, we can transform the Pythian Games into a monumental celebration of sports, cultural exchange, and the indomitable human spirit.We hold great respect and admiration for the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Authority of India for their continued efforts in promoting sports and fostering a spirit of healthy competition among athletes.
Recognizing the rich cultural heritage and significance of traditional Indian games, we believe that their inclusion in the Pythian Games platform will not only showcase India’s cultural diversity but also provide a platform for the preservation and growth of these games.
We are confident that by leveraging the Pythian Games platform, we can create a global stage to showcase traditional Indian games and foster cross-cultural exchanges. This collaboration has the potential to not only benefit our athletes but also bring significant exposure to the cultural heritage of India.
In light of the aforementioned, we kindly request your support and cooperation. We would be extremely grateful if the available infrastructure of the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Authority of India could be made accessible to Delphic India Trust (A non-profit organization and owner of Trademark “Pythian Games”).
We humbly propose that these facilities be made available at either no cost or minimal cost to facilitate the development of traditional games and organizing associated events. Furthermore, we express our willingness to discuss this proposal further in person or through any other medium of your preference.
Our team is prepared to provide comprehensive details regarding the potential benefits and opportunities this collaboration holds for India. We are eager to present our vision and plans and address any questions or concerns you may have.
We genuinely appreciate the time and consideration you have given to review this proposal. Your positive response would be highly encouraging and will pave the way for a fruitful collaboration between our organizations. We eagerly await your favourable response, which will enable us to embark on this exciting journey together.



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