Tamil VJ Anjana pens a painful account of her Covid experience

Chennai : Well-known Tamil anchor and VJ Anjana, who tested positive for Covid-19, has said that this has been the worst time of her life.The popular anchor, who has appeared on several television channels, took to Instagram to explain her state of mind.In her heart-wrenching account, she said: “This is the last selfie I took, before testing positive for Covid. It’s been 14 days since I fell sick. More than the sickness itself, these 14 days were gruelling mentally. The first three days were awful. The fever, body pain and tiredness were something I have experienced never before.”But slowly I got better. My health was getting better and better every single day. But my mental health wasn’t that great. As every single day passed, I was becoming more and more sad, felt bored and had nothing to do.”Though it was the time for me to rest, all I could think about was the fact that I had to be like this for a fortnight.

Tried painting, tried watching movies, series, tried everything possible to distract myself but nothing worked.”I was at my loneliest self, not being able to see, talk or hug anyone, especially my baby. I became aware that I was losing it. So much frustration that I had no one to actually talk to. My husband was busy taking care of cooking, handling work at home, and taking care of R and also working outside, that he hardly had time or energy to talk to me.”Though I should have been extremely grateful and loving for whatever he was doing, my frustration was just building up. I kept complaining of having no time for myself before. Now, I had all the time in the world but I couldn’t enjoy one bit of it. Such is life!My heart was outside while I was trapped inside.”I am not able to put into words how I felt. Beginning of the year, all the work plans I had came to a standstill.

Already strained, relationships became even more strained, couldn’t reach out to people to tell them how I feel, longest time without my baby.”With just a couple of clothes to wear, no energy to even make myself look decent enough for myself. No mood to keep myself active, I have been at my worst for the last 14 days. It will take days for me to rebuild myself, to look and feel confident.”I was dreading this and dodged Covid for two years being extremely careful and safe, but it finally got me, catching me at my worst. This was personally the worst time of my life.”For people who think it cannot be that bad, I must say, more than sickness, it’s your mental health that is tested and your personal situation decides how badly you get affected.”Pain is personal. Though it might take some time for me to bounce back. Hoping to come back better and stronger.Thanks for all the love and prayers. I owe you all so much for being there for me through my roughest times and celebrating my best time!”



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