Life after pregnancy isn’t glamorous, but it is beautiful : Kajal Aggarwal

Chennai : Actress Kajal Aggarwal, who has just turned a mom, on Thursday said that postpartum might not be glamorous but it sure can be beautiful. The actress took to Instagram to pen a long post on the experience of welcoming her child into this world. “Excited and elated to welcome my baby Neil into this world. Our birthing was exhilarating, overwhelming, patient, long, yet-the-most-satisfying experience there could be! “Holding Neil upon my chest covered with white mucous membrane and placenta within a second of his birth has been my only tryst with self-actualisation. Such an indescribable feeling.That one moment made me understand the deepest potential of love, made me feel tremendous amount of gratitude and realise the responsibility of my heart outside of my body – forever – and all at the same time.


“Of course, it’s not been easy – sleepless three nights that bleed into early mornings, learning to latch and burp, squishy bellies and stretched skin, frozen pads, breast pumps, uncertainty, constant worry if you’re doing it all right, topped with dozes of anxiety. “But it’s also moments like this – Sweet cuddles in the wee hours of the morning, gazing into each other’s eyes with a look of confident recognition, adorable little kisses, the quiet moments where it’s just the two of us, growing, learning, discovering each other and navigating this wonderful journey together. In reality, postpartum isn’t glamorous but it sure can be beautiful!”


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