You have given 13 years to Congress, 12 years to BJP, give 5 years to AAP : Arvind Kejriwal

Chandigarh was once the most beautiful city in Asia, BJP and Congress together built the fleet of the city - Arvind Kejriwal

Chandigarh :AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reached Chandigarh on Sinday and addressed a huge public meeting to campaign for the Municipal Corporation elections to be held in Chandigarh on December 24. During his speech, he lashed out at Congress and BJP. Appealing to the people, Kejriwal said, “After the formation of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation in 1996, you gave Congress a chance to rule for 13 years and BJP for 12 years, but together they ruined the fleet of Chandigarh. One chance for 5 years. Give it to Aam Aadmi Party, we will show you development.Taking a jibe at Congress and BJP, Kejriwal said that once upon a time Chandigarh used to be the most beautiful city in Asia. But both the parties made the city dirty. Today Chandigarh has reached 66th place in terms of cleanliness. Attacking the BJP, Kejriwal said, “BJP says that it is necessary to have a double engine government for development. I want to ask BJP leaders that the MP of Chandigarh belongs to BJP. Mayor belongs to BJP. Governor belongs to BJP and Center belongs to BJP. The government is also of BJP, yet why they have not done anything till date?
Kejriwal made five promises relating to development and facilities of the city to the people of Chandigarh. First, corruption shall be rooted out. The money which was earlier illegally pilferaged by the BJP and Congress leaders of Municipal Corporation, will start to be spent on people’s development only. And when AAP comes to power, like Delhi, the people of Chandigarh will not need to go to Municipal Corporation office to get their work done. The employees of the Municipal Corporation themselves will come to the homes of people and accomplish their works, whether it be making of ration card or getting electricity-water connection etc.. Second, heaps of grabage will be got eliminated especially in Daddu Majra. Garbage will not be found anywhere in Chandigarh. Third, like Delhi, water will be available in Chandigarh for free. Fourthly, all the things relating to building roads, cleaning and maintenance of the city will now be done by the Municipal Corporation. Fifth, for the safety of women, CCTV cameras and street lights will be installed at various places in Chandigarh city like Delhi.
While assuring the people, Kejriwal said that all the promises we have made here, have similarly been made delivered in Delhi. If you have any relatives or friends living in Delhi, then you can call them and ask them. If he says that Kejriwal has not worked in Delhi, then don’t vote for me. Kejriwal called Aam Aadmi Party a party of youth and said that most of the leaders in AAP party are young. In Chandigarh also, most candidates are below 40 years of age. He appealed to the youth to work for the society and support Aam Aadmi Party. Referring to a latest rumor, Kejriwal said, “I have received news that the central government is planning to hand over Chandigarh to Punjab soon.” If this news is true, then after few months, Aam Aadmi Party government is going to be formed in Punjab and Chandigarh will be part of Punjab. Then it will be pointless to vote for BJP and Congress. Addressing the gathering, AAP’s Punjab President and MP Bhagwant Mann said that the real name of Bhartiya Janata Party is Bharatiya Jumla Party. BJP leaders only do rhetoric. He said, “The broom button is the button of your luck. It is the button of your children’s future. So when you come out of the house to vote on 24th, you come out thinking that today is the day of change. 24th December 2021 is the day of Chandigarh, will be recorded as a change in history.”
In his address, Party Co-Incharge Pradeep Chhabra said the people of Chandigarh are fed up with the politics of BJP and Congress. Chandigarh, which was once the number one city in terms of cleanliness, has come down to number 66 in this year’s Swachh Survekshan. In the last 6 years there is no such tax which has not been levied on the people of the city. After increasing the property tax and parking fee, the Municipal Corporation has now done the work of robbing the pockets of the residents of the city by increasing the rates of water bills. Municipal corporation money is going into the pockets of select councilors of BJP. Pradeep Chhabra further said that after handing over Rs 150 crore profit-running electricity department in Chandigarh to private hands, now preparations are being made to hand over the city’s public transport ‘CTU’ to private hands. He further said that today the students and staff of the city are unhappy due to no hearing. Unarmed farmers who were protesting in the city to fight for their rights were lathi-charged and pamphlets were registered on them. But the administration did not listen to anyone. Pradeep Chhabra promised Arvind Kejriwal during this rally today that he will win 35 out of 35 seats in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and make Aam Aadmi Party Mayor in these Municipal Elections.



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