British Council organizes workshop at Chandigarh University, Gharuan to discuss ‘Going Global Partnership Grant’

Vice chancellors of various universities of the state attended the Programme

Gharuan : A special workshop was organized at the campus of Chandigarh University, Gharuan in collaboration with the British Council and the Government of Punjab to discuss the Going Global Partnership programme launched to develop India-UK Joint Teaching-Learning Modules and build joint programs.Disclosing thia an offical spokesperson said that during this workshop, Mrs. Ritika Chanda Parruck, Director Education, British Council India, and Mr.Rowan Kennedy, Deputy Director, British Council India, discussed grants and other related aspects during the workshop under this global partnership programme. Vice Chancellors from 18 universities of India participated in the programme and learned about the various stages and aspects of applying to the Going Global Partnership programme. Mr. VK Meena, Secretary Higher Education, Government of Punjab, Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Brar, Assistant Director, Government of Punjab and Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University Dr. R.S Bawa were present during the programme.Speaking on the occasion, Rowan Kennedy said, “There has been a longstanding collaboration between British educational institutions and Indian higher education institutions. In order to further strengthen academic ties between the two countries, the British Council has launched a new initiative called the ‘Going Global Partnership Grant’, which will develop a common model for education”. Rowan Kennedy further said, “British Council not only wants to increase cooperation for research, but also for student-faculty exchanges. The New National Education Policy-2020 will not only emphasize the internationalization of higher education in India but it will also create the new avenues to enhance cooperation between educational institutions in India and the UK”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. VK Meena said, “This workshop is an important forum for the universities of the state to exchange the ideas on various issues such as direct exchange programmes, joint research efforts and quality teaching-learning with the British Council. The grant is available to applicants from all UK and Indian higher education institutions who wish to pursue a joint study program in a common subject area”. Mr. VK Meena further said, “The main objective of this grant is to enhance international learning experience and opportunities for students in India and UK and also under this two types of grants are given, which include Exploratory Grant and Collaboration Grant”.Speaking about the grant process, Rittika Chanda Parruck said, “I hope this grant will be used to enhance the collaboration between the universities. Its main objective is to create a shared global approach to the learning experiences across the courses and to create opportunities for young people to study in the UK”. Rittika Chanda said that this is an expensive proposition for any family and is certainly limited to those who can afford that kind of financial expense. The final submission process will be under the control of the UK Council, so it is important to note that the UK Council has an important role to play in the entire process. Speaking further Rittika Chanda Parruck said that the partnership focuses on various aspects relating to the strengthening and synergy of Indian and UK educational institutions. We do not have any set division of this grant for India and the UK and in this regard this grant will be provided by the UK government on the UK site, but they must demonstrate in their application that they agree with you that how will the division happen. They take the responsibility of managing this funding, however will assure us that they have designed it to your satisfaction i.e. all Indian institutions and if you are applying on the UK site, have your documents ready to be uploaded to the UK site, added Ritika Chanda.Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Brar said, “There should be a concerted effort among the universities to raise the standard of education in the state. Apart from international academic partnership, private and government universities of the state would have to work as a team for research programmes”. Speaking further Dr. Brar said, “The skills of youth studying abroad should be utilized for the progress of the country and our universities should encourage foreign students to study in India for joint exchange programs and joint research projects”. Undoubtedly, India today has reached a stage where our institutions can provide world class facilities to foreign students, added Dr. Brar.



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