Be a good person to become a good politician : Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar

Panaji : Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekarr on Monday said that to become a good politician or to be good in any other profession, one has to be basically first a good person.

“If anyone wants to become a good politician, then he/she should basically first be a good human being. Not only politicians, but even doctors or CAs, first need to be a good person,” he said in his address during the Goa Legislature Day function here.

Arlekar, a former Goa minister, also advised newly-elected MLAs to learn all processes and democratic tools of the Assembly for their progress. “Everyone in their professions takes training, be it chartered accountants or doctors.

But there is a misunderstanding that MLAs don’t require training. We need to wipe up this misunderstanding and learn and study,” he said. He advised legislators should listen to or read speeches of former legislators, how they used to speak in Assembly sessions and reply to questions.

“This helps to place the issues during assembly session. “There is a need for training about how to place the issues in the Assembly. Some learn by reading and other things, but some require training,” he said.

“One should be trained and present themselves in a better way. I appeal all the MLAs to study the topic they want to raise and then only go ahead with it,” he added. Arlekar also said that elected representatives should ponder into why people have elected them and not how they are elected.

“Don’t think about how you are elected, but think about why you are elected. One need to ponder why people have elected you. If we get the answer to this, then all issues will be resolved,” he said.



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