Anti Dengue Activities to be Intensified: O.P. Soni

Soni orders to Intensify Anti Dengue Activities

Chandigarh : In view of the rising number of dengue cases in Punjab, Deputy Chief Minister O.P. Sony (Minister for Health and Family Welfare) has issued orders to top officials of the health department to expedite anti-dengue activities. Giving information regarding dengue cases, O.P. Soni said that till date department had conducted test of total 13532 suspected patients and found 3760 positive cases of dengue in Punjab and at present 39 laboratories in Punjab are carrying out free testing of dengue and a large number of dengue testing kits are available in the state government hospitals. Mr.Soni appealed to the residents of Punjab that Health department celebrated every Friday as Dry Day,Therefore, any accumulated water should be poured out of coolers, pots or other utensils in or around your house on that day.

He said that dengue and malaria are notified under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897. Accordingly all the private hospitals in the state of Punjab are required to report dengue and malaria cases to the Department of Health and Family Welfare.So that timely action can be taken by the department in any dangue case.Free dengue treatment is available at all government hospitals by the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Dengue wards have been set up in government hospitals for the treatment of dengue patients. Whole blood and blood components are available in government hospitals for the treatment of dengue patients.Mr. Soni told that the number of breeding checkers has been increased to 460 to eradicate dengue and mosquito repellent is sprayed in 50-60 houses around the dengue patient’s house. Larvicide and insecticide rates have been contracted and are plentiful in the state of Punjab.It is also worth mentioning here that dengue is a disease caused by the bite of a female mosquito called Aedes aegypti. This mosquito breeds in clear accumulated water and heavy rains over the last few days have been the main reason for the rapid spread of the disease.



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