Alternate routes from Haryana to Delhi will be repaired : Anil Vij

Instructions to the concerned officers issued to start the work of patchwork of alternate routes from tomorrow- Anil Vij

Chandigarh : Haryana Home and Urban Local Bodies Minister, Anil Vij today directed the concerned officers to immediately open alternate routes from Haryana to Delhi due to closure of Singhu Border and Tikri Border due to farmers’ agitation. Start the repair work of alternate routes with imemdiate effect so as to smoothen the movement and the general public does not face any problem while commuting on these routes.These directions were given while Sh. Vij was presiding over a meeting of senior officials of various Departments so as to repair the alternate routes from Haryana to Delhi due to closure of Singhu border and Tikri border due to farmers’ agitation.While giving instructions, Sh. Vij said that keeping in mind the convenience of the people the State Government will repair the alternate routes at the earliest and work in this regard will start from tomorrow itself. He said that the work of filling the potholes and patchwork of roads should be started from tomorrow itself so that people do not face any kind of problem.

*Instructions were given to the officers of the agencies concerned to repair the alternate routes- Vij*
Referring to the State Level Committee constituted to interact with the farmers, Sh. Vij said that office bearers of various institutions and organizations had met the committee constituted under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department, Sh. Rajeev Arora. He had put across his point before the committee to repair the alternate routes going to Delhi. Agreeing with his suggestion instructions have been given to the officers of the agencies concerned to fix all such alternative routes.
*NHAI should start work on NH-44 immediately- Vij*
While giving instructions to the concerned officers, he said that the work of repair of these alternate routes has to be started at the earliest and for this short term tenders will be flouted soon. Besides this, he asked the officials that the work being done by NHAI on NH-44 should be started immediately so that there is no problem in the movement of people. On this, Sh. Vij assured the concerned officers that if there is any problem in starting this work, the help of police will also be provided to NHAI.
*Various utilities will be available on KMP*
Similarly, he said that HSIIDC roads are the main alternative routes from Sonepat to Delhi and they should be repaired at the earliest. Also, regarding the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, he directed the officers concerned that there must be a provision of public toilets at KMP. Reacting to it, concerned officials said that 6 acre land has been identified at four places on KMP for this. Various utilities will be developed on this land which will also have other facilities, including public toilets. Similarly, he directed the officers regarding installation of lights at KMP.
*These alternate routes will be repaired – Sh. Vij*

List of alternate roads to be upgraded for general traffic use are, 8-km long Sersa Khatkar – Behra Bakipur Road upto Manoli of PWD (B&R), 5.50-km long G.T. Road (NH-44) to Janti Kalan upto Janti Khurd of PWD (B&R), 4.60-km Nathupur – Saboli Road of PWD (B&R), 4-km G.T. Road (NH-44) to Nangal Kalan Piu Maniyari upto Narela Border of PWD (B&R), 12.69-km Lampur Border (Nahra- Nahri Road) of PWD (B&R), 11.75-km Biswamil-Jatheri Road of PWD (B&R), Sonipat – Radthana – Akbarpur Barota upto Safiabad (Delhi Border) of HSRDC and HSIIDC Roads in Kundli (Internal Roads).Roads from Bahadurgarh (Jhajjar) to Delhi are, 3-km long road from Bahadurgarh to Jharoda Border (Delhi) of PWD (B&R), 3.5-km long road from Bahadurgarh to Nizampur (Delhi) of PWD (B&R), 4-km road from Bahadurgarh to Nizampur (Delhi) via Bamnouli of PWD (B&R), 6-km long road from Bahadurgarh to Jharoda (Delhi) via Siddipur of HSAMB, 2-km long road of Red Cross Road near PP MIE to PVC Market Delhi (Tikri) of MC, Bahadurgarh, 2-km long road from Sainik School at Bypass to Delhi of MC Bahadurgarh, 7-km long road from Bahadurgarh to Najafgarh (Delhi) via village Isharheri of of PWD (B&R), 2-km long road from Bahadurgarh to Nizampur Road (Delhi) via Chhotu Ram Nagar (MIE Railway Crossing) of MC, Bahadurgarh, 0.7-km long road from Sector 9 Mod to Mama Chowk Bahadurgarh of NHAI, 3-km long road from Sector 9 Mod to Jharoda Flyover Bypass of NHAI, 3-km long road of Jharoda Flyover Bypass to Balore Chowk Bypass of NHAI.Roads from Badli (Jhajjar) to Delhi are, 2-km long road from Baadli to Dhansa (Delhi) via Dhansa Border of PWD (B&R), 2-km road from Village Gubhana to Bakargarh Village (Delhi) of PWD (B&R), 2-km Road from Village Deverkhana to Village Dhansa of PWD (B&R) and 2-km long road of Village Badli to Dhansa Road nearby TRH School to Ishapur Delhi of PWD (B&R). In this meeting, Additional Chief Secretary, Public Works Department, Sh. Alok Nigam, Additional Chief Secretary, Home, Sh. Rajeev Arora, Principal Secretary, Urban Local Bodies Department, Sh. Arun Gupta, HSIIDC, Managing Director Sh. Anurag Agarwal, Director General of Police, Sh. P.K. Agrawal, Director of Urban Local Bodies Department, Sh. D.K. Behera and other senior officials were present.


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