Actress Aishwarya Khare ‘felt’ like a bride in ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’

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Mumbai : ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ actress Aishwarya Khare will be seen donning a bright pink and orange elaborate lehenga, along with designer jewellery for her bridal sequence in the show.In fact, Aishwarya also felt like a bride herself and had a rather surreal experience shooting for the particular scene.Sharing her experience, Aishwarya mentioned: “I was extremely happy seeing my look, so much so that I almost got emotional after getting dressed. I felt like a royal bride. Right from the lehenga colour to its design and the extravagant jewellery, it all made my appearance so perfect that I just couldn’t get my eyes off myself.”Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ follows the journey of ‘Lakshmi’ (Aishwarya Khare), a selfless girl.
Now she is about to get married to ‘Rishi’ (Rohit Suchanti) in the show.Aishwarya is ‘really’ excited about the entire upcoming plot and particularly this shot.She added: “It’s every girl’s dream to be dressed as a beautiful bride and I think a small part of my dream did come true after seeing myself in such a royal avatar. Also, this lehenga was not a usual one like a red or a maroon colour but we went for an orange and pink lehenga and I never thought this combination would look so good as a bridal lehenga.”However, she went through quite a tough time shooting for the sequence.As she revealed: “The lehenga and jewellery together weighed nearly 10 kgs and it did get tiring to shoot continuously in it. Having said that, the team was extremely considerate of this, and I had really fun shooting this sequence. I shall remember this experience even when I become a real bride. (smiles)”‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ airs on Zee TV.



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