‘Evil forces trying to grab power’: Sheikh Hasina slams BNP-led Oppn

Dhaka : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday slammed the Opposition led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), saying that “evil forces are trying to grab power through back-door politicking”.

She said this during a televised address to the nation marking the fourth-year of the Awami League government’s current tenure. “Bangladesh has never witnessed such a misrule with communalism and militancy that set an inhuman and worst example during the regime of BNP government.

They established the culture of murder, disappearance (of people), rape, looting… now those evil forces are trying to grab power through back-door politicking,” Hasina said on Friday.

She also called upon the pro-liberation, peace-loving democratic rule of law-believing political parties and organisations not to instigate the propaganda being hatched on social media to hinder the country’s constitutional process.

Hasina also asked the people to remain alert as the “anti-liberation forces, power grabbers, people eyeing other’s wealth and parasites are out to create instability to capture power through the back-door and impede the democratic process during the national election”. The polls are scheduled to be held in January 2024.



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