The flag of any country is the symbol of that country” : Anil Vij

We live for the nation and we will die for the nation"- Anil Vij

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Ambala : Haryana Home Minister, Anil Vij said that “the flag of any country is the symbol of that country” and we want to give the same message through Tiranga Samman Yatra. The message that we live for the nation and if we can die for the nation. He said that today we have gathered in large numbers to participate in our Aan, Baan, Shaan, Samman and Jaan Tiranga Yatra, which shows the respect of the tri-coloor in our minds. Anil Vij was addressing thousands of people gathered in the yatra near Subhash Park in Ambala on the occasion of the Tiranga Samman Yatra today. He said that the tri-colour has three colors in which saffron is a symbol of renunciation, white color is a symbol of peace and green is a symbol of greenery and prosperity. Ashoka Chakra is also inscribed in its white stripe, this Ashoka Chakra is a symbol of our progress that our country and state continue to move forward. Hundreds of soldiers of the nation have made several sacrifices so that the flag always flies high always. Even during the Kargil war, the soldiers of the enemy country Pakistan were occupying the high peaks of the mountain area and they were attacking Indian soldiers from the top. The valiant Indian soldiers went ahead with the tri-colour in their hands and, without bothering for their lives defeated the enemies from the height. He said that in Tokyo Olympics 2020, Neeraj Chopra has hoisted our national flag by winning the gold medal and our national anthem has also been played on this occasion.

Vij said that the tricolour is also a symbol of patriotism and further inculcates the feeling of patriotism among masses. He added that history is a witness that wherever the feeling of patriotism has diminished, anti-national forces have increased. Even in our country, no anti-national force can raise its head, so the tri-colour yatra is being taken out only to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among the people. This tri-colour fills us with the spirit of patriotism by being selfless. He said that our national anthem is played for 52 seconds and we should keep the national flag in front while working so that we finish do our work honestly. The Home Minister said that every work done by each one of us will be dedicated to the nation and the nation will progress continuously. He said that earlier there was monarchy and there were princely states. At that time everyone had their own flag. Years ago before independence the freedom struggle was going on when the idea struck everyone that there should be an Indian flag too. For the first time in the year 1903, Nivedita, a disciple of Vivekananda, made a flag. After that the flag kept changing its form many times and the flag which is in front of us today was designed by Pingali Venkaiah. Which was accepted in the Constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947. The Prime Minister of the country had hoisted the tricolor for the first time on 15 August 1947.After that on August 15, January 26 the Prime Minister, the President have been hoisting and unfurling the Indian flag in Delhi respectively. This tri-colour is displayed on every government building, prime minister’s vehicle, president’s vehicle, governor’s vehicle and minister’s vehicle.

Special highlights of Tiranga Yatra
Under the leadership of Haryana’s Home, Urban Local Bodies and Health Minister Anil Vij, Shaheed Samman Tiranga Yatra was organised in Ambala Cantonment today in which thousands of workers and others participated with enthusiasm and zeal to remember the martyrs. Earlier, the Home Minister went to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Park and paid floral tributes to the statue of Subhas Chandra Bose and saluted him. Shaheed Samman Tiranga Yatra led by the Home Minister passed through various markets and areas of the cantonment and ended near Subhash Park. Shaheed Samman Tiranga Yatra was felicitated by people by showering flowers. The Home Minister himself was leading the yatra carrying the tri-colour in his own hands.
Hundreds of tractors were moving in this tri-colour yatra whiles boasting the tri-colour. Apart from this, a large number of workers and other people were also walking on foot while holding the tri-colour in the Yatra. Apart from youth, other activists and common people, including women participated in the Yatra. To welcome the Yatra, flowers were showered by the people on the way and refreshments were also provided to the people involved in the Yatra. Wherever the Tiranga Yatra passed through the atmosphere became completely patriotic. The enthusiasm of the youth involved in the journey was building on sight. Youth were shouting slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram and Home Minister Anil Vij Zindabad. Members of various organizations were carrying 108 meters long tri-colour in the Yatra, which was the focal point of attraction for the people. During the Yatra, it rained which is considered to be the blessings of God Indra as per Indian Mythology.
In this Yatra, women applied tilak to the people involved in the honour march and patriotic songs were being sung at various places in the city. In today’s yatra, a large crowd gathered to honour the martyrs. While stepping towards the city, firecrackers were set off and people welcomed the Yatra by showering flowers. Hundreds of tractors participated in the Shaheed Samman Yatra and the farmers were carrying the tri-colour flag in their hands. People of market associations and organizations took part in the Yatra in large numbers. People were seen making video photos from place to place and huge enthusiasm was seen among the people.
*Who was the main present*
On this occasion, district head Rajesh Asa, Jasbir Singh Jassi, divisional head Rajiv Dimple, Kiran Pal Chauhan, Ajay Parashar, B.S. Bindra, Sanjeev Soni Rambabu Yadav Narendra Rana Anil Kaushal Shyamsundar Arora Media Coordinator Vijender Chauhan, Iqbal Dhada, Vijay Kumar, Vikas Bahagal, Renu Bhamar, Neeru Agarwal, Bina Sharma, District Executive Members, Board and Fronts Officers along with Ward Principal Executive Member- Along with this, a large number of BJP officials, workers and other dignitaries were present in large numbers.



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