“Our main objective is to solve the problems of the people : Anil Vij

Action will be taken against the officers who are slow in resolving complaints'- Anil Vij

Chandigarh : Haryana Home and Health Minister, Anil Vij has said in a stern tone to the officers that “our main objective is to resolve the problems of the people and strict action will be taken against the officers who are found to be lax in resolving the complaints being sent to them. He said that it is the responsibility of the State to respect the sentiments of the people and resolve their problems.During Janata Darbar in Ambala today, the Home Minister directed to suspend Patwari Pawan of Ambala for being negligent in the work related to Tehsil and not doing the work. While investigating a bribery case against Patwari Pala Ram in Nilokheri Tehsil he gave instructions to register an FIR. This action was taken by the Home Minister on the basis of complaint given by the applicants in the Janata Darbar. He also said in the Janata Darbar that “any officer, employee who unnecessarily harass the common man will not be spared under any circumstances because Anil Vij doesn’t forgive”. The Home Minister also said that I am a worker and I am doing the work of serving the people like a worker. Even during the Janata Darbar, I try to solve the problems of the people who have come from every corner of the state.During the Janata Darbar, a woman, who came from Panipat said soberly that my husband was working in the police department and he has passed away but I still do not get the salary. On this, Home Minister Anil Vij said that daughter, you do not need to go anywhere, you go to your home, I will do your work. He also said that action will be taken against the officer who delays any work.Similarly, a woman who came from Indri of Karnal said that her husband went abroad after marriage but is not coming back now. Regarding this matter, a complaint was made to Karnal SP but they have not taken any action yet. My husband wants to get divorced. Sh. Vij while sympathetically listening to the complaint of the woman, spoke to the SP and instructed Karnal to take action regarding the concerned subject.Dhani Ram, who came from Gurugram said that some miscreants have occupied my land and are troubling us.

Minister Vij said that the Police Commissioner should be instructed to go to the root cause of the matter and report to him. Some people who came from Indri said that there is a gang active in the name of LIC, which is cheating people. Regarding this matter, he asked the District Police to send the application and also asked him to apprise him about the action taken on the application sent.Sanjeev, who came from Bhiwani, said that an artisan used to work with him and after a long time he was caught but the police did not take any action. Home Minister Anil Vij while marking the application to SP Bhiwani asked to take immediate action in this regard. Ritu, who came from village Bayana, said that her husband died in an accident, has two small children, if employment is arranged somewhere for her, it will be good. Minister Vij, while sending a letter to District Education Officer Karnal, asked him to apprise as to how can she be helped. Some people who came from Sunderpura of district Jind said that they have occupied our farm. We met the police officers many times regarding this matter, but no action was taken. Vij said that after re-investigation of the matter, action will be taken against the culprits.People from Yamunanagar said that the Patwari and Tehsildar do intkal and delay the matter unnecessarily. The minister gave instructions on the spot that D.C. Yamunanagar should be written and the action taken should be made aware of them. During the Janata Darbar, on the complaint of illegal occupation of plot in Saha and damage to the vehicles, the Home Minister directed the DSP Naraiangarh present in the Janata Darbar to immediately mark the complaint and conduct a raid there and said that he would report it to him. Similarly, the Home Minister also directed SHO Maheshnagar to take immediate action on the complaint of betting on Rampur-Sarsaheri road under Maheshnagar area.
The Home Minister also told the complainants during the Janata Darbar that everyone will get justice, it may be late but justice will be done. He takes action on every complaint. The complaints received through email are also processed. During the Janta Darbar he also said that whatever complaint comes to the city council, municipalities and committees, it should be uploaded in the computer so that it should be recorded and what action was taken, it should also be written in it. On this occasion, BJP District President Rajesh Asa, former MLA Rajbir Brara, Mandal President Rajiv Dimple, Kiran Pal Chauhan, Sanjeev Walia, Media Coordinator Vijendra Chauhan, B.S. Bindra, Shaili Khanna, Deepak Bhasin, Surendra Tiwari, Balkesh Vats, DSP Anil Kumar, Ramkumar and others were present.



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