Sant Shri Guru Ravidas : A champion of equality and inclusion!

Chandigarh : Haryana Governor Shri Bandaru Dattatraya on Wednesday said that Sant Shiromani Guru Ravidas Ji guided and inspired millions of people through his thoughts and teachings for ages. He worked for the creation of an egalitarian society throughout his life. That is why he is being remembered today as a true harbinger of social reforms.Shri Dattatraya paid his humble homage to the great Sant on his jayanti today at Raj Bhavan and also released a book titled ‘Sant Ravidas Aur Unka Darshan’ written by Dr Rambhakta Langayan, a retired IAS officer, on the occasion.Shri Dattatraya said: “Guru Ravidas Ji guided and inspired millions of people with his thoughts, virtues and teachings for ages. Revered as a great humanist and social reformer, he firmly believed and preached that all men and women are equal. His philosophy of life is so relevant even today for social harmony and fraternity.”

Born in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, one of the greatest 14th century Sants chose the path of devotion and struggled hard for the salvation of humanity from the clutches of social evils like untouchability. He showed the true way of life to humanity by preaching the values of equality, justice and fraternity, said Shri Dattatraya.The Governor said that Guru Ravidas Ji led his life by example. There was no difference in what he preached and practiced. He undertook several journeys of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and other areas to make people aware of social evils and encourage them to imbibe the spirit of social bonhomie. He was a votary of the social system where everyone gets food and no one sleeps hungry.

He never considered any work to be small. He continued his work as a tanner throughout his life.Dr BR Ambedkar was deeply inspired by the teachings of Sant Guru Ravidas Ji and Sant Kabir Das Ji, which he took forward with a special emphasis on the upliftment of the poor. Today, we have various government schemes for the poor. All stakeholders should come together and ensure the benefits of these schemes reach the poor. This will be the true tribute to Sant Shiromani Shri Guru Ravidas Ji, added Shri Dattatraya.On this occasion, Secretary to Governor Shri Atul Dwivedi, IAS; Dr RB Langayan, Dr Pooja Bharti, Shri Punit Arora, Shri Sumit Jindal, Shri Nafe Singh, Shri Chandra Diwakar, Smt Sumitra Devi and other dignitaries were present.



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