Shri Ram ji resides in every veins of the people : Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister Sh. Anil Vij hit back at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi today and said that “Shri Ram resides in every vein of the people; even if the whole Congress party joins, they cannot remove Ram from the minds of the people”

Sh. Vij was responding to a question asked by media persons today regarding Rahul Gandhi’s statement that BJP people do not speak Jai Siyaram.Raising the question, Sh. Vij said that “from where Rahul Gandhi is learning Hindu philosophy and who is teaching him, whether he is an Indian or a foreigner, it is also important to know”.

He said that “people also say Jai Shri Ram and Jai Siyaram, they have been doing this for ages, now they are shocked by the name of Ram, because they first said that Ram is imaginary, then when it came to Ramsetu, they said That it does not exist, then NASA showed it, then kept silent.

The Home Minister said that “they (Congress) tried at every step to somehow remove Ram ji from the minds of the people, but Ram resides in every veins of the people; they cannot remove Ram from people’s mind.

*”Congress’s situation is of furious”- Vij*

In response to a question asked by former Congress MP Yadurupa about comparing the Prime Minister with Bhasmasur, Sh. Vij said that “Now using such words and using such words to Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi! !!!!!

He said that “Chanakya has said one thing that when a man is defeated, he starts seeing defeat in front of his eyes, then he gets furious, and speaks opposite words, the situation of Congress is also the same as today”.

*”The decision will be taken only after conducting a study on the Uniform Civil Code”- Vij*

In response to a question regarding the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, he said that “exactly we are conducting a study on it, and are also taking it from the states which have implemented it, where it is planned to be implemented, taking from it also”. He said that “we are carrying out the study on it and will decide only after completing the study”.



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