In Haryana, goons and miscreants are being nabbed and the property of wrongdoers are being seized : Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister, Sh. Anil Vij said that “goons, miscreants are being nabbed and the property of those who do wrong things are being seized”. He said that “their bulldozers are bulldozing on properties that have earned from hooliganism, and our teams are made for this and the teams are working against the miscreants”.

Sh. Vij was addressing the students and people present at the inauguration of the 45th Zonal Youth Festival organized at Arya Girls College, Ambala Cantonment today. On this occasion, Sh. Vij also announced to give 20 lakh rupees to the college management.

*”Make Haryana such that people do their work with joy” – Vij*

He said that “make Haryana such that people do their work with joy at Chowks and their mind should not wither and no one should snatch someone’s happiness and if someone snatches someone’s happiness, then Anil Vij is in Haryana for that. Sh. Vij said that “Bhangras and giddas keep happening; he wants Haryana to be such a happy state”. He said that in a healthy body there is a healthy mind and they become good competitors and good participants.

*”Youth has the potentional to accept all challenges” – Vij*

Addressing the youth, he said that youth have the potentional to accept all challenges. They will become good doctors, good engineers, IAS, IPS and good politicians which are very much lacking in the country.

He said that earlier there used to be a saying that ‘Khelonge, Padhonge to banoge Nawab, but I say that Padhonge, Likhonge, Khelonge, Kudonge to Banoge Nawab, otherwise you will become a Nawab in the streets.’

He said that along with reading and playing, Entertainment is also important, he said. He said that Entertainment is the food of the mind, if you take food for the stomach, then you do not take food for the mind, so if the mind is hungry, then give food to the mind.

*Home Minister Anil Vij remembered his sister on this occasion*

On this occasion, Home Minister Anil Vij remembered his sister who was a student of this college. Sh. Vij said that he has special affection for Arya Girls College, he has four sisters and brothers. “We have one sister Harsh, one me, one younger brother Rajindra and one Kapil.

He told that we brought up our sister with great love and all the three brothers used to love sister very much. Every moment it was our effort that we would make her a bride from our house and get her out in a good way. But, our preparations were in vain and our sister left us.

He told that our sister Harsh was a student of this college and she passed all the classes in the top score. Appreciating the college staff, Vij said that we have special affection for this college and the college is discharging a great responsibility of society, country and government.

*For a happy country, 50 percent of the population will have to be made equal to others – Anil Vij*

He said that if we want to make the country happy, then we have to bring 50 percent of the population at par with others. Providing education is the work of the government and the government is opening new colleges. But religious and social institutions have contributed to the work of education.

Education and health are the primary responsibilities of any government. But, we could not fulfill this in 70 years, but in these 70 years, if the institutions had not supported in the field of education, then we do not know where we would have been lost.

Even in Ambala Cantonment, children were educated in colleges of private institutions and sit in high positions, they salute everyone.

*It is our good fortune that the reins of the country are in the hands of an ascetic, the day is not far when our country will become the number one country in the world- Vij*

Home Minister Anil Vij said that it is our good fortune that the reins of our country are in the hands of an ascetic Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi who is working for the all round development of the country.

Every day there is news of setting his records. His dreams will also come true only when we follow the speed and wishes of Modi ji, then the day is not far when our country will become number one country in the world.

Earlier, on arrival at Arya Girls College, Home Minister Anil Vij was welcomed by Dr. Maha Singh Punia, Director, Youth and Cultural Program Department of Kurukshetra University, Senior CA AD Gandhi, College Management Committee President Inderdev Gupta, Principal Anupama Arya, Vijay Gupta, BJP leaders Rajiv Gupta Dimple, Surendra Tiwari, Deepak Bhasin, Dr. Vivek Malhotra and others were present.


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