Detective team will be formed to inspect the 24 hours services provided by the Health Department : Anil Vij

Chandigarh : Haryana Health and Family Welfare Minister, Sh. Anil Vij said that a detective team will be formed to inspect the services being provided by the Health Department continuously day-night i.e. 24 hours, which will inspect these services.

If there is any laxity on the part of any officer or employee in these services, the strictest action will be taken against him and in any case no one will be spared. He said that this team can inspect the 24-hour service anytime.

Sh. Vij today connected with all civil surgeon officers of the state through video conferencing and gave necessary directions regarding IMR (Infant Mortality Rate), MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate) and improvement in sex ratio.

“I will personally inspect the hospitals”- Vij
Adopting a strict attitude today, the Health Minister said that now only biometric attendance of any officer and employee will be taken in the Health Department, if any officer or employee does not mark biometric attendance, he will be considered absent.

Sh. Vij said that apart from biometric, no physical attendance will be considered in the health department. Sh. Vij said that “I will personally inspect the hospitals, for this seven days’ time is given to all civil surgeon officers so that necessary improvements can be made in the hospitals and institutions coming under their respective areas”.

Sh. Vij said that “no one will be spared under any circumstances for any laxity after seven days”. Instructing the civil surgeon officers, he said that teams should be formed in their respective jurisdictions for random checking.

*Health service stopped during working time, action will be taken against Civil Surgeon- Vij
Directing the Civil Surgeon Officers, Sh. Vij said that “if any health service is found to be closed during working hours, action will be taken against the civil surgeon; the civil surgeon will monitor all the services under him on a daily basis”.

Dashboard to be developed to improve IMR, MMR and sex ratio data- Vij
Directing the concerned officers, Sh. Vij said that action should be taken against any officer and employee who does not work under the calendar prepared related to MMR, IMR and sex ratio.

Sh. Vij said that responsibility would be fixed for every death under IMR and MMR (be it child or mother’s death) and the negligent official would not be spared under any circumstances. Apart from this, in relation to MMR, IMR and sex ratio, he directed the officers that the duties of the officers should be fixed as to which officer would check which data.

There will be an audit of infant and maternal deaths – Vij
He said that the data of IMR, MMR and sex ratio has to be improved; therefore a dashboard will be developed so that information regarding each death can be obtained. Apart from this, every such infant and maternal death, the audit will also be conducted and its report will be shared daily at the headquarter.

Similarly, the audit of deaths under MMR/IMR in private hospitals will also be conducted. He said that the way we fought during Covid, now we all have to fight unitedly to improve the figures of IMR, MMR and sex ratio.

Instructions for formation of teams to check ultrasound centers
In order to improve the sex ratio, Sh. Vij directed all the civil surgeons to form a team to examine the ultrasound centers falling under their jurisdiction and if required, police assistance would also be provided for that.

Apart from this, the duty of officers should be done for inspection of all field offices and all equipment, ambulances etc. should be checked from time to time.
Action will be taken against those who take gifts on the birth of a child under corruption- Vij

Sh. Vij told the civil surgeon officers in a strict tone that if any doctor or other personnel demands any kind of greetings or gifts on the birth of a baby, then strict corruption-related action will be implemented against such personnel.

FIR will also be registered against him. The Health Minister told all civil surgeon officers that if there is a shortage of anything, a demand should be placed and every necessary item/thing would be provided.

Sh. Vij said that Haryana is seen as a leading state in the whole country in the field of health, so we have to improve the figures of IMR, MMR and sex ratio from today itself because the progress of any country and state is assessed there health services statistics.

Sh. Vij said that “Since I became the Health Minister, we have improved IMR/MMR/Sex Ratio a lot and when IMR and MMR improve, the entire health system improves.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Smt. G. Anupama, Director General, Department of Health Services Smt. Sonia Trikha Khullar, Mission Director Dr. Prabhjot Singh and other senior officers were present.



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