Anil Vij laid the foundation stone for the construction of Ghaggar link drain from Panjokhara SahibAnil Vij laid the foundation stone for the construction of Ghaggar link drain from Panjokhara Sahib

Water drainage will be better in Garnala, Janetpur, Khatauli and surrounding areas including Panjokhara Sahib - Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister, Anil Vij laid the foundation stone for the construction of 11.25 km long link drain from village Panjokhara Sahib to Ghaggar river at village Panjokhara Sahib in Ambala.This drain to be built by the Irrigation and Water Resources Department at a cost of Rs 12.50 crore will provide relief to Panjokhara Sahib and nearby villages from rain water and floods.

Addressing the people at the foundation stone laying ceremony, Home Minister Anil Vij said that during the rains, water used to come from behind and it used to damage the entire crop and villages. We were trying a lot, there were some hurdles but we started the project after overcoming them. He said that village Panjokhara Sahib, Khatauli, Janetpur, Garnala and other adjoining areas would be benefited by the construction of the drain. Starting from village Panjokhara Sahib, this drain will link at Ambala drain near Devinagar and from there water will drain to Ghaggar.

Changed the name in the revenue record, got Panjokhara Sahib done – Anil Vij

Home Minister said that the name of this holy village was Panjokhara in the government records till he became MLA, but he did not know whether anyone tried to change it or not. Wherever the feet of Shri Guru Harkishan Sahib Ji Maharaj lie, people from far away countries come to bow their heads. There is a historical Gurudwara here and there is a belief here. Despite the popular name Panjokhara Sahib, the name of the village in official records was only Panjokhara. But as soon as he came, he changed Panjokhara to Panjokhara Sahib in the revenue record. It was a huge task and they don’t know whether the leaders of the past paid attention to it or not, but the name should have been correct long ago.

Lot of development work done in Panjokhara Sahib at the cost of crores – Anil Vij

Home Minister said that unprecedented development work has also been done in village Panjokhara Sahib. In Panjokhara Sahib, 3 community centers have been built, 6 chaupals have been built, Ambedkar Bhawan has been built, 2 Anganwadi centers have been built, 3 chaupals have been renovated and 4 cremation grounds have been repaired and built. Village knowledge centre, village secretariat and roads have been built. Many development works have been done in which people are getting benefits.

Due to the construction of Ring Road, commuting will be easy, the road will connect with Panjokhara Sahib – Vij
The Home Minister said that Ring Road is going to be built in future, which will benefit Panjokhara Sahib village. This road will connect with Chandigarh road. The ring road will be about 40 km long. This Ring Road will meet on Ambala-Saha Highway and via GT Road on Ambala-Hisar Road and from there to Chandigarh Road. Due to the construction of the road, people of Ambala and nearby villages have to go to Delhi or any other place, then they will not have to go inside the city and will be able to go towards their destination from outside through Ring Road. Similarly, another road is going to be made Ambala-Shamli Super Highway, which will have a separate route and will also go up to Delhi. This will also facilitate the people of the area in commuting.

In the previous governments, people used to go away with stones, they robbing accolades by putting only the boards of Saha Road – Vij
The Home Minister said that in the earlier governments, people used to leave with stones and nothing was done in the name of development. But now it is not so, we do not need to count our works anymore, people are seeing the works themselves. People are watching and counting our works. Ambala-Saha road has been given, for which the previous governments have done the work of robbing accolades by putting up boards, but nothing has been done on the ground. He said that by giving the vote which you have sent them to the assembly, they have not always backed down from any struggle for that vote and your rights and will not move away.

Ambala was ignored after the formation of Haryana, but now he will not back down to get development work done – Vij
The Home Minister said that at the time of united Punjab, Ambala was counted among the developed cities, but after the formation of Haryana, Ambala was ignored. The development money continued to be spent in other cities. After crossing Ambala, attention has been paid to other cities. He said that it is his endeavor that if he has to snatch every penny for the development of this area, then he will not back down. He will not back down to get development work done in Ambala.

Lot of development work done in Ambala Cantonment – Vij
Referring to the development works in Ambala Cantonment assembly constituency, Home Minister Anil Vij said that Ambala Cantonment got the status of sub-division and made sub-divisional office, new vegetable market has been built, football stadium, construction of all-weather swimming pool, gymnastics hall, Renovation, construction of national level yoga hall, construction of Subhash Park has been done. The land of Ambala Cantonment is a historical land and the flame of first freedom struggle was raised from here. He said that on 10th May 1857, the revolution of the first freedom struggle started from Ambala Cantonment, 9 hours before of Meerut. Martyrdom Memorial is being built in Ambala Cantonment on Ambala-Delhi National Highway in an area of 22 acres at a cost of crores of rupees. Apart from this, many development works have been done including Science Museum, Bank Square, Fire Brigade Office.

Executive engineer gave information about drain construction
On this occasion, Executive Engineer, Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Krishna Kumar, while welcoming Home and Health Minister Anil Vij and other people who attended the program, gave detailed information about this drain. He told that due to the construction of this drain of 11.25 km length, there will be relief from rain and flood water. In the program, Home and Health Minister Anil Vij and all the three divisional heads and other guests were honored by giving mementoes. On this occasion, SDM Ambala Cantonment Dr. Balpreet Singh, Superintendent Engineer AK Raghuvanshi, BDPO Daljit Singh, Rural Circle Head Kiran Pal Chauhan, Sadar Mandal Head Rajiv Dimple, Maheshnagar Divisional Head Ajay Parashar, General Secretary Ram Babu Yadav, Former President Balwinder Singh, Ravi Sehgal, Rajeev Soni, Randhir Singh, Karnail Singh, Baldev Singh, Lal Singh, Gurmel Singh, Gurpal Singh and Surjit Singh were present in large numbers including villagers and officials.



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