After a hundred years of independence, “How is India of 2047”, the author must write a book on this subject : Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Home and Health Minister, Sh. Anil Vij said that he wants to give a topic to the writers and writers to write the book that “How will India of 2047”. We got independence in 1947 and a book must be written on what India should be on 2047, a hundred years later.

Sh. Vij addressing the gathering today at Central Phoenix Club of Ambala Cantonment in program which is organized by Prof. Veer Sen Vinay Malhotra Trust. He said that he wants that the litterateur must write on the India of 2047.

He said that litterateurs are building the country and the government and society moves on the direction they give. There is a great contribution of litterateurs in the creation of the society, all the books written in the literary conclave very good and proud to see that the people of Ambala are writing such good books.

In the program, Home Minister Anil Vij extended his best wishes to the litterateurs by releasing the books titled ‘Impact on International Relations and India’ written by Dr. Vinay Malhotra on Ukraine War and the book ‘Transgender and Human Rights’ written by Dr. Jagdeep Sheera.

He said that before the independence of 1857 from Ambala Cantonment, we are raising the voice of the first freedom struggle by making ‘Shahid Smarak’ and now the voice of the litterateurs here will definitely resonate in the whole country.

He called Prof. Appreciated the work being done by the Veer Sen Vinay Malhotra Trust in the literature and social sector. On this occasion, Trust President Dr. Vinay Kumar Malhotra, Historian Tejinder Singh Walia, Dr. UV Singh, BJP leaders Balkesh Vats, Surendra Tiwari, Dr. Deshbandhu and others were present.

*Digital library will soon be made- Home Minister Anil Vij*

Home Minister Anil Vij said that thoughts come in the mind of every person, but only a few people have the grace of God if they are integrated and come in some direction and that thought can be brought down on paper.

He said that today in the Internet era, people’s inclination towards books has reduced, but if we bring out good subjects, then people would like to leave all the work and read these books. A new library has been constructed in the Ambala Cantonment Mini Secretariat for book readers.

He said that today 300 to 400 children are coming to study in this library, separate halls have been made for boys and girls to study.

*Literary attracts attention to untouched subjects, the history of the movement of 1857 was found by the writers with facts: Minister Anil Vij*

Home Minister Anil Vij said that the creation or happening of our society, which also changes from time to time, is due to the writers. The litterateur reaches there with his writing where the government could not reach with all its resources.

The litterateur draws the attention of the society towards those subjects which are completely untouched. He said that he would like to mention that the writers Tejinder Walia and Prof. UV Singh who is present here who has done a lot of research and put history on books with facts.

It is proved with the facts in the books that the first war of independence started from Ambala Cantonment 10 hours before Meerut. Seven Native Infantry started the freedom movement on 10th May at 9 am.

Facts are coming to the light that before May 10, the movement was being carried out here because the depot for dispensing cartridges was at Ambala Cantonment, Dum Dum and Sialkot.All the soldiers used to come to Ambala to collect cartridges and make the outline of the movement here.

From 26 March, they started setting fire to the rooms and offices of those people who were obstructing their work. Strong evidence of this has come to the fore. On 10th May it started from Ambala because 10th May was a Sunday and on this day all the British would gather in the church and the British would be locked in the church and fired with bullets and proceeded.

Sh. Vij said that all this was possible because of historians and this history would be displayed in the Shahid Samarak being built in Ambala Cantonment. He informed that a national level committee has been constituted for the construction of Smarak being built in Ambala Cantonment, in which historians Tejinder Walia and Dr. UV Singh have been included.

*Vij said, both the war in Ukraine and the country are going together, Home Minister Vij praised the authors by releasing books*

Home Minister Anil Vij praised the authors of the book ‘Impact on International Relations and India’ and ‘Transgender and Human Rights’ in the program. He said that It seems that this is the first book written in the country on the Ukraine war.

Certainly Dr. Vinay Malhotra must have mentioned in this book what the impact of war can have on the world and what are its consequences. He said the war has been longer than expected and the people of Ukraine are fighting bravely against a superpower like Russia.

There is both war and country going on in Ukraine and he hopes that writer Vinay Malhotra will throw light on all these topics. What is India’s stand on war is important and I think the stand taken by Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi is being appreciated all over the world.

Praising the citizens of Ukraine, Home Minister Anil Vij said that people are running life in the midst of the ongoing war, the whole world needs to know how they are running both war and life. Home Minister Anil Vij said that we also saw Indo-Pak war in 1965 and 1971 in Ambala.

When there was a war in 1965, half of Ambala was empty because there was a military cantonment and due to this people had migrated from here. But, in the 1971 war, the spirits of the people were high and then when the war planes used to come, he himself used to watch it by climbing on a roof, whereas in the 65 war people used to hide in the trenches.

He said that the litterateur of the Government College, Narayangarh, Prof. Congratulated Dr. Jagdeep Sheera on the book on Human Rights of Transgender. He said that it is a matter of praise to bring their sufferings to the fore by going to the required class.

It is a good thing to bring their sufferings, their needs and rights to the fore. We think about animals, but writing about transgenders who are victims of neglect is commendable.

*Vij said, “I have a prayer, make 48 hours in my day instead of 24″*

During the program, Home Minister Anil Vij prayed to the people and said that he works for the people throughout the day and is busy, he wants people to do one of his works. He said that “I am very fond of reading, but I do not get time, I have prayed many times to people that I do so much work for people and people should do only one work for me that in my day I have 48 instead of 24.”

I am not able to concentrate on my hobby and if you increase my hours, then I will be able to concentrate on my hobby and will be able to take time to read books.



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