Diesel price in Himachal is lowest compared to neighboring states : Naresh Chauhan

Shimla : Lashing out on the statement of the opposition leaders on the hike in rates of diesel in the state, Principal Advisor (Media) Naresh Chauhan backlashed on the previous BJP government terming the statement given out due to frustration as the BJP was not able to digest their defeat in the recent assembly elections.

It was during their regime that the diesel and petrol prices were hiked many a time, said Sh. Chauhan adding that the previous government had set new records of inflation during their time right from vegetables to petro products including LPG.

He clarified that that the rates of diesel in the state were the lowest as compared to the neighbouring states. After losing power, instead of respecting the efforts and steps being taken by the present state government for the betterment of the people of the State, BJP leaders were involving themselves in the blame game, which reflects the insecurity they are going through after facing befitting defeat in recently held elections.

They are not able to digest the growing popularity of the congress government and making baseless allegations which is highly objectionable. Not only this, the previous BJP leaders were making futile efforts to be in limelight just to maintain their existence amongst the people.

Naresh Chauhan said that the price of diesel in Himachal Pradesh is Rs.86 per litre whereas the cost of diesel in Punjab is 87.31 rupees, In Haryana, it is 90.80 rupees, in Jammu Kashmir it is 86.83 rupees and in Uttarakhand, it is 90.20 rupees per litre.

In Himachal, diesel rates are three rupees less as compared to neighbouring states. He said that the BJP leaders who fuelled the double-engine governments at the Center and in the state should also explain to the public that how the rates of domestic gas cylinders have increased more than double during their tenure.

Public welfare and upliftment of every section of society is the top most priority of the present state government and it is working with utmost dedication and commitment. The people of the state were fed up with the policies and intentions of the previous BJP government, due to which the public has shown them the dust in assembly elections.

Now the leaders of the opposition are resorting to incoherent statements just to grab headlines in the news but the people of the state are well aware of their intentions. He said that instead of taking sarcasm on every decision of the present government, the leaders of the opposition should exercise restraint and work with positive thinking to rectify their mistakes and intentions.



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