Why is Geet supporting Kammo Bua?

Chandigarh : In the plot of the television programme Geet Dholi, Simone has been entirely cut out of Geet and Malhar’s lives, and JK Mehra has also made the decision to kick out his sister Kammo for her part in executing Simone’s plan.As Kammo Bua supported Simone in all of her evil schemes against Geet and Malhar, JK Mehra decides to exclude Kammo from the Mehra house for destroying his children’s lives after the full truth is revealed.

However, Geet does not approve of this decision and insists that she would continue to play her dhol until Kammo Bua is permitted to remain within the house out of respect for the elders.Will JK Mehra accept Geet’s condition? Has Kammo Bua been forgiven by Geet? Don’t forget to tune in to Zee Punjabi at 8 p.m. today to watch this intriguing episode of Geet Dholi only on Zee Punjabi.


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