Vikkas on ‘BB16’ eviction: ‘It was difficult to stay with other contestants’

Mumbai : Vikkas Manaktala, who recently got evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house said that it was difficult to stay with other contestants inside the house. He also revealed that he will miss Shalin Bhanot the most as they shared a close friendship.

He said: “It was really difficult to stay in the house with other contestants, this season, most of the contestants are two-faced, there is not a single genuine person in there. I was being myself and was not pretending to be something else which is why I didn’t pick any unnecessary fights.”

He also added: “My journey was short but not sweet, it was full of spicy and sour flavours because none of the contestants are sweet in the house, they all are playing a game and that’s fair enough.”

While talking about his friendship with Shalin, he said: “When I entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, I realised that he was one of the most hospitable people there. He would always share his ration with me, which I honestly didn’t expect from him. He would also share his chicken with me and ensure that I was okay in the house. We shared a very special bond.”

“I believe that his humanity is hidden behind some layer in his personality. He changes his personality very often; I think he has alternate realities. He himself gets tired of wearing different masks for his different personalities which is why he looks so confused in the show. This is his stupidity which I think he needs to work on because otherwise, he’s a great guy,” he shared.

He appeared on the reality show ‘Bigg Buzz’, hosted by Krushna Abhishek where he talked about his journey on the show. ‘Bigg Buzz’ streams on Voot.



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