Tollywood Filmmaker P Sunil Kumar Reddy Visits NIFT Panchkula, Interacts With Students

Panchkula : Film maker Palicherla Suneel Reddy, during his visit to the tricity for his upcoming projects interacted with the students of NIFT Panchkula (Fashion communication department) in regard to research aspects of fashion and its application in Indian Cinema.
During his hour-long session he touched upon the research opportunities and similarity between cinema and fashion which is still an unexplored aspect of fashion.In addition, the filmmaker proposed the young talent to work towards and help redefining gender specific fashion specifically LGBT ‘s expression of fashion to celebrate their existence.
The film maker further added ” In the field of media and mass communication we need to constantly evolve by understanding the subjects deeply. Research is a great tool in deciphering the nuances of our chosen topic.Academic research and interactions with the people concerned will bring more insights.
Sometimes we have to conduct subjective interactions to get a deeper understanding. In the field of filmmaking, it brings authenticity and relevance, the same is the case with the fashion industry. It’s time that talent in the fashion industry must add more to gender base clothing and help other genders to express themself.
In the ever-changing fashion industry- only by understanding the cultural roots and the changing attitudes can we create a new fashion statement that is only possible by research and empathy towards others. Students received the inputs with enthusiasm and positivity to explore option to gender less and gender specific clothing with special concern to LGBT’s requirement of clothing s a new fashion category.





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