There are more opportunities for actresses of my age : Michelle Pfeiffer

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Los Angeles : Actress Michelle Pfeiffer has spoken about what it’s like to be a mature actress in Hollywood now. She says there are many more “interesting roles” than there were a few decades ago.The 63-year-old actress said: “Something is changing, there are more opportunities for actresses of my age and for women above 30: maybe not really sexy or leading roles, but interesting.”Her latest work includes the comedy-drama “French Exit” where she had to smoke non-nicotine or tar cigarettes to portray her character “Frances Price”. She had quit the habit in 1992.”I quit smoking years ago, yet it’s always such a joy to pick up again. I have always liked it but the cigarettes I use do not contain nicotine or tar, and are not addictive. Finished the movie, finished the party!” Pfeiffer told an Italian publication IO Donna, reports



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