Shama Sikander celebrated her birthday in Mykonos Greek Island

Mumbai: Shama Sikander’s Birthday this year was a great one as she spent it chilling among the waters at Mykonos Greek Islands. The picturesque scenery of this exotic location was just enticing and we are sure it made the day even more special for the Maaya Star.
The actress also posted her beautiful pictures showing her in a sexy rustic orange one piece. With accessories to complete her look, Shama took the swimsuits to another level. With an unmissable glow on her face, she was seen enjoying bliss with a  glass of champagne in her hand.
Sharing her birthday moments and memories, Shama says, ” I’ve always loved beaches and the sound of the sea, its very calming and majestic I wanted to be close to nature on my birthday so this was just the perfect way to bring in my most special day.
We had a ton if fun, memorable moments and romantic memories. Mykonos island is just so wonderful, it’s beauty and vibe is something beyond words can describe. ”


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