Rakul Preet Singh roots for sex education, awareness in ‘Chhatriwali’ trailer

Mumbai : The makers of the upcoming film ‘Chhatriwali’ have unveiled the trailer, which focuses on safe sex and sex education among the youngsters, led by Rakul Preet Singh’s character.

The over two-minute long trailer begins with the stereotypes in the society surrounding sex and how women have to suffer because of a lack of education. The trailer then focuses on a professor played by Rajesh Tailang thinking how it is not really important and is a taboo to teach children about sex and ‘copulation’.

Then enters Rakul, who gets married to Sumeet Vyas who doesn’t believe in using condoms. Rakul said: “In today’s patriarchal society, every household needs a Sanya who holds the courage to single-handedly fight against all odds, traditions, social norms, and barriers.

I hope this character inspires others to find their voice and speak up against unsafe sex and the many health implications of not using protection.” She added: “India’s youth make up for majority of the population and educating them on safe sex is the need of the hour, so I am glad that Chhatriwali is catering to them and everyone else in a progressive and entertaining manner.

I have respect and only respect for the incredible team behind this extraordinary project.” Sumeet said: “Raincoat pehenke baarish mein bheegne ka kya mazaa.” Later, Rakul is seen making a decision to teach sex education to school children.

Sumeet said: “Chhatriwali breaks the wall of awkward silence around sex between Indian parents and children, husbands and wives, teachers and students. Today’s generation is curious about the words sex and intimacy because there is always a sense of hush-hush around such topics.”

Director Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar said: “While researching for Chhatriwali, I happened to visit few rural parts in India and spoke to students and villagers over there. I saw a taboo around the word sex and the judgemental attitude of society as well as the pharmacists.”

“But what was more interesting and alarming was that even the urban population had the same issue barring some pockets in metros. The dire need to normalise this conversation were the driving forces behind the making of this film.” ‘Chhatriwali’ is all set to premiere on ZEE5 from January 20.



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