‘Nima Denzonpa’ may change how people perceive NE : Surabhi Das

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New Delhi : For actress Surabhi Das, the upcoming show ‘Nima Denzongpa comes as an opportunity to represent her Northeast community and change the perception people have about them.Surabhi, who hails from Assam and plays the character of a simple and loving Sikkimese girl named Nima in the show, says: “It is a proud feeling to be able to represent my community on a platform that reaches millions across the country. Nima is a beautiful, brave character and honestly it is something that has inspired me to take that leap of faith and fight for everything that I deserve. I hope I am able to transform people’s perceptions about Northeast people, who at heart are very much Indians.”The show ‘Nima Denzongpa’ revolves around the life of Nima, a young girl from Sikkim who falls in love with Suresh (played by Akshay Kelkar) from Mumbai.They get married and leaving all her friends and family behind, Nima moves to Mumbai.

But little does she know that the city of dreams is about to turn into her worst nightmare. She is not only made to feel unwelcome in the city, but is also called names and belittled for hailing from the Northeast.While playing this role, Surabhi can relate well with the problems faced by Nima, as she herself has gone through them at some point or the other in life.She shares: “Both Nima and myself hail from Northeast. Just like the character, I have also faced such prejudices in my personal life, being called all kinds of racial slurs due to my origin. Also, I really relate to the person that Nima is, especially her positive and motivated side.”Surabhi further elaborates about the challenges she faced while depicting the character on-screen.”I had to work on the accent. Since Nima has a Nepali accent and I hail from Assam, I had to cover the difference in my way of speaking. We had to work a lot to bring this character to life and I have a lot of confidence in it,” she says.‘Nima Denzongpa’ will air on COLORS from August 23.



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