Kate Winslet can’t wait to go back to work after year-long break

Los Angeles : Hollywood star Kate Winslet, who took time off after her power-packed performance as a Delaware County detective in ‘Mare of Easttown’, says she now wants to throw herself back at work.In honour of International Women’s Day on Tuesday, Variety spoke to the London native about her journey, her successes and what she’s looking forward to in 2022.”I took last year off to be with my family and to recover from ‘Mare of Easttown.’ It was good to have a bit of a reset. But I love my job, and I’m really ready to throw myself back into it,” Winslet tells Variety.”For an actor, there’s nothing as thrilling as being in a room with other actors. I am craving that again. But I’ve got heaps going on this year so I’m excited to get going.”The Oscar winner is fulfilling a dream in an upcoming role, working with someone she’s “longed to work with for some time”: Andrea Riseborough.”I have always admired her work. She is entirely different, truthful and compelling in everything she does. I find her riveting to watch. She is unselfconscious and damn funny, too. ‘Death of Stalin’ is a firm favorite in our house,” says Winslet.

“She and I working together later this year and I truly cannot wait.”She also still has high hopes to work with Helen Mirren again; the pair co-starred in 2016’s ‘Collateral Beauty’, but only had one scene together.”I would dearly love to work with her more intensely on something. There’s nobody quite like her,” Winslet says.”She is powerful and riveting in everything she does.”After more than two decades in the industry, Winslet has been given her fair share of advice – and now has a strong message for other women entering the entertainment world.”Don’t expect the world to owe you something that you haven’t worked hard toward achieving for yourself. It won’t get handed to you on a plate,” she tells Variety.”Just keep experimenting and practicing, even if that’s just at home. Don’t act in front of a mirror. All that does is show you what your facial expressions are. But it’s more important to start from the inside. Try not to be hard on yourself if you don’t get a role you really wanted, just keep going.”She adds, “Don’t scrutinise your appearance, it will only make you self-conscious and becomes a distraction.”The bottom line is to “enjoy it,” Winslet says. “Acting is a joy and a pleasure. Just keep enjoying what it feels like.”



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