Its Avni V/S Amber in the show Dildariyan

Punjab : Zee Punjabi the show Dildaariyan has exciting new twists and turns to keep the viewers hooked. During its ongoing story, we see that Amber and Avni are now getting closer to each other.As viewers are aware, Amber and Avni frequently engage in heated arguments with one another, and this time they get into a fight that might be fatal.

This time, Amber is so enraged by his challenge to Avni that he threatens to put her in the worst possible scenario and force her to quit her job within a week. Avni is given a challenging mission by Amber, and if she succeeds, Amber will accept her as the company’s boss.Who will win this game is still unknown at this point. Continue watching Dildariyaan on Zee Punjabi at 7:30 PM to discover who wins the challenge.



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