Jameela Jamil used to be a misogynist

London :  Actress Jameela Jamil reveals that she used to be a misogynist and would speak disparagingly about women.”I was a misogynist. I didn’t have a good vibe of women growing up. I would speak disparagingly about women. I thought women were always about drama. I had all this rage and then I would project it at women, at the nearest, easiest target,” Jamil told Red Table Talk, reports femalefirst.co.uk.She said that there is “documented proof” of her shaming “loads of female celebrities, like Miley, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim� all these different people, Iggy Azalea”.”I was doing it because I was in pain. I was a troll. I thought I was doing feminism,” she added.”I’ve been seeing for months now that my tweets keep being deleted. And it says that I have deleted them, when I haven’t. And it’s made people on here think it’s me shying away from opinions or controversial exchanges I’ve had,” she said.Jamil added: “Especially when it’s happened over supportive tweets about the trans community, the disabled community, the Black community, or the fat community, to think that people think I have changed my mind and deliberately deleted those statements makes my blood boil.”The actress admits that she knows all that she said “will always be behind me and that I can never delete it in anyone’s memory, and nor should I … Turns out it was some third-party apps that had access to my account doing it all along”.



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