Google Docs now allow users to view non-printing characters

San Francisco : Tech giant Google has started to roll out a new feature to its online word processor, Google Docs, that will allow users to view non-printing characters.When viewing or editing a Google Doc, non-printing characters such as line breaks, section breaks, tabs and spaces are not visible, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blogpost on Monday.

However, now, if users want to see how a document is formatted, they can choose to display non-printing characters.This feature gives a visual representation of what controls the formatting in a document, which allows users to make appropriate edits much easier.

Moreover, the new feature does not have admin control, the company said.Meanwhile, last month, the tech giant had started to roll out a new smart canvas feature in Docs, that allows users to easily format and display code in Docs with code blocks.

The feature gives users the ability to visualise code with industry standards, making code readable and collaboration much easier.




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