Google Contacts adds ‘Highlights’ tab on Android

San Francisco : Google has added a new ‘Highlight’ tab to its contact management service ‘Google Contacts’ on Android. The new tab appears between ‘Contacts’ and ‘Fix & manage’ in the Material You bottom bar, reports 9To5Google.

Below the search field, users get a grid of ‘Favorites’ that includes four icons in a row, where users get four of their favourite contacts. Users can also easily ‘Add’ new ones from the top-right corner.

Under the ‘Favorites’, users get the ‘Recents’ section, which is a two-tab list that starts with ‘View recently’. Whereas, ‘Added recently’ rounds out the list and is the most useful part of the new user interface (UI). With the change, Contacts is now a three-tab application.

“This new Highlights tab could be the primary way people use Google Contacts. Instead of scrolling, they could just search, while the grid is more visual and friendly than the list,” the report said.


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