‘Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii’ not a show with set formula : Niranjan Namjoshi

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Mumbai: Actor Niranjan Namjoshi says ‘Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii’, which revolves around the lives of doctors, is not a show with a set formula.”To begin with, it’s not a show with a set formula. It revolves around the lives of doctors, both professional and personal. So the show runs high on emotions at different layers. Any extreme emotion affects your heartbeat first. I can’t imagine any better name than Dhadkan,” he said.He is playing Dr. Amin Ali, M.D. Anaesthesia and Intensivist in the show.”He is an extremely practical doctor to a point that he may come across as rude, but he is very sensitive. He has a different way to tackle any problem. He is deeply philosophical. His past, in a way, is responsible for his demeanour, which is revealed later in the show,” he shared.He totally relates to his character. “It’s like coming full circle. My father was an M.D Anaesthesia and very ‘Amin Ali’ like. So I have seen this character from the other side of the table,” he said.

The show is based on doctors, so it is thrilling for him as an actor. “It gives a lot of scope to experiment since it’s an unconventional show. Plus, we are expected to do surgical procedures, learn the medical terms. The script is supervised by actual doctors, so it’s hundred per cent authentic. It’s challenging to make all of it a part of your act. But how boring it will be if there are no challenges? I’m loving every bit of it,” he said.The TV industry has evolved in terms of content, and he feels that change is the only constant. “These days, people have options to choose from. Due to lockdown, people were drawn to OTT platforms which exposed them to new content, concepts and it was accepted by most. So why not try it on TV? It’ll probably take time but TV may go through a paradigm shift,” he said.Industry for him is God’s huge canvas. “I am fortunate that I am chosen to paint a tiny part. It has taught that even the sky is not the limit. There is probably a bigger world beyond the horizon. How far can you push yourself? It has taught me to respect everyone as nothing is possible without teamwork. And most importantly, there is no substitute for hard work,” he said.



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