Delnaaz Irani is the sunshine on the sets : Yesha Rughani

Mumbai : Actress Delnaaz Irani is a clear favourite when it comes to the sets of ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’. Actress Yesha Rughani, who shares the screen with her, says that the two share a great equation.”Delnaaz is a darling. She is the sunshine of our set. Even when I have a dull day, when I see her face, it brings a bright smile to my face as well. She is an extremely giving, warm and fabulous person. I cannot stop learning from her in terms of acting and professionalism. That level of learning is amazing. I’m so grateful that I’m learning so much from her.””Every time I see her perform, I’m in awe. I have seen her on the big screen and have always told her that when I saw you, I used to think of you as this adorable cute darling! And I used to relate a lot with her. I love her energetic vibe and I never thought that one day I would have the honour of working with her and sharing the screen with her,” she says.She adds: “Being away from home, I’m so glad that I’ve this person in my life, on set, who is like family. And even Percy. So whenever they’re around, I feel so protected and loved and feel so warm.

I would not like it if I don’t see her every day. I would want to see her and keep smiling because that is what she does. From small little gestures to big things, she does so much for me. So, I always say thank you to the almighty that this beautiful person came into my life and made it more beautiful.”Talking about the equation they share, she says: “So there are so many small things that she does for me. From sending me appreciation messages when she sees me perform a good scene onscreen to coming on the set and saying a good morning, to sharing amazing food and amazing conversation in Gujarati.”Meanwhile, Yesha, who plays the role of Gungun in the show, says that people have loved her in the show.”People have showered so much love towards Gungun and I cannot decide which is the best compliment that I have got till date. People come up to me and they say that they love Gungun and I’m so overwhelmed. So, each and every word and compliment is so dear. I cannot pick one,” she says.



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