Deepshikha Deshmukh on sustainable sets: Want to leave a greener planet for future generations

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Mumbai : Filmmaker Deepshikha Deshmukh, who has tied up ‘Recycle Man’ Binish Desai to make sustainable sets, says that seeing the wastage on sets bothered her.The sets of her productions “Coolie No. 1” and upcoming Akshay Kumar starrer “Bellbottom” have been made with the help of Binish.Commenting on the decision to do sustainable sets, Deepshikha says: “Sustainability has always been my passion as a producer, entrepreneur, and a mother. I want to leave behind a greener and healthier planet for our future generation. The amount of masks and PPE kits generated on sets during the pandemic and the production waste during shoots bothered me and I was speaking to various people how we could sustainably reduce our waste.”She adds: “This is why I reached out to Dr. Binish as he works on industrial waste recycling and management. He is the perfect person to guide us about the various ways we can recycle and upcycle all of our production waste. Be it the construction material that is used to build structures on sets, PPE kits and masks or even the sediments of tea and coffee left behind in cups, he will help us go green on all our projects.”Commenting on working in a film set-up, Binish says: “Together we can initiate a sustainability revolution in the film industry. For the first time, I am consulting a film production house on such a big scale. Deepshikha really cares about the environment and her vision and commitment to sustainability is commendable. I am looking forward to help in reducing their carbon footprint.”



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