‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ eliminations: Anne leaves the show, creating space for Kajal

Hyderabad : With Jessie’s eviction, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ has VJ Sunny, RJ Kajal, Manas, Siri, Shanmukh, Priyanka Singh, anchor Ravi, singer Sree Ramachandra, and Anne Master left in the race for the title.As Sunday’s episode is to witness another contestant leaving the show, it is reported that dance master Anne is the one who would be shown the exit in the upcoming episode, which is hosted by Nagarjuna. Anee, who proved that she is a strong contender, is to be evicted as per the votings by the audience.It was least expected that Anne would be evicted from the show this week, as she is such a strong player. Anne’s behaviour is the only aspect behind her eviction, as per the social media trends and buzz.The voting patterns on the official site indicate that Priyanka Singh and Anne are the two contestants with the least number of votes from the audience. Anyways Priyanka Singh managed to earn a slightly higher number of votes, making it clear that Anne is the one who gets evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house.

Anne’s wrong intentions about a few players are portrayed in a way that is awkward for the viewers to watch. And, her treatment of Kajal is considered the main reason for her eviction this week. Anne not only called Kajal ‘Naagin’, but also made awkward dance moves so as to disrespect her. Even when the host tried to talk about the same, Anne repeated the ‘Naagin’ dance, which created so much negativity for her.Even during the week’s nomination process, Anne was seen making sounds, dancing in such a way that Kajal gets hurt. Anne’s activities only created a huge fan base in favour of Kajal. Kajal, who was termed to be an underperformer all these weeks, turns out to become one of the strongest contestants in recent times, creating much fandom for her.VJ Sunny, Manas, and Kajal emerged as the best performers this week, as per the audience’s opinions on social media. With only eight contestants on the show, the inmates are to fight for their places in the coming weeks.


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