‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Manas grabs the opportunity after 10 weeks

Hyderabad : Anchor Ravi has become the captain in the previous week, and hence is immune to nominations this week in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’. It is the captaincy that has saved him from being in the nominations for the ninth time in a row.Now that the contestants are giving their best to win the captaincy task, it is really important for each of them to gain immunity as the game has become harder. In Wednesday’s task, Manas, who played the task instead of Siri, won the game and makes her the second contender for the upcoming captaincy task.On the other hand, Priyanka Singh also becomes a captaincy contender.

Reports suggest that Manas, Priyanka Singh, Siri, and Anne compete for the captaincy task. It is reported that Manas has won the captaincy task and has immunity for the coming week. Manas is a strong contestant, who had no luck by his side all the while. Now that he has won the task, he seems to be happy to become the captain after 10 weeks.Sunny, on the other hand, is seen upset with the unfair decision by Ravi. Ravi, who intentionally disqualified Sunny from the captaincy task, is seen defending himself. Ravi has gained much negativity among the viewers, with his cunning game strategies.


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