‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Big spat brewing between Sree Rama Chandra, VJ Sunny

Hyderabad : After an emotional nominations episode, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ housemates counter each other for the upcoming captaincy task. Though it all went smoothly, the promo for the upcoming episode hints at a verbal war between a few contestants.In Wednesday’s episode, it was shown that singer Sree Rama Chandra, Siri, Shanmukh, VJ Sunny, Anne Master, and Manas were the contestants who earned a chance to compete for the upcoming captaincy tasks. It appeared like most of the games were tough, though some of them were just mind games, others were physical tasks.In the promos which hint at the upcoming tasks, it is clear that Sree Rama Chandra and VJ Sunny are having a wild argument, as they play the captaincy task.

While Sree Rama Chandra is seen maintaining his cool, but invoking Sunny’s anger, Sunny is seen bursting with anger.Well, this episode is going to be watch-worthy one as most of the tough competitors are in the game to snatch their immunity, plus become the captain of the house.On the other hand, the recent episodes were fun, as the inmates are seen playing, and having fun-chats as they proceed playing the games. After almost 50 days in ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house, most of the current inmates are strong in physical and mental aspects of the game.Also, the viewers have already started anticipating the top 5 contestants, as the game plan is visible.



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