‘Bigg Boss 16’: Shalin Bhanot enters bathroom while Soundarya Sharmatakes a shower

Mumbai : ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Shalin Bhanot had an oops moment when he accidentally entered the bathroom while co-housemate Soundarya Sharma was taking a shower. Soundarya was taking a shower and did not realise that she had not latched the door.

Shalin, who also wanted to take a bath, opened the door slightly when Soundarya told him. She was seen asking about who opened the door. When she learnt it was Shalin, she asked him if he saw something.

Shalin responded that he didn’t and apologised to her. He clarified that it was completely unintentional. Moments later, contestant Shiv Thakare who was also present in the bathroom area told Shalin that he could have avoided saying ‘sorry’.

He said it was Soundarya’s fault as she didn’t lock the door from inside. Shiv then teased Soundarya about it. He asked her about the ‘mamla’ with the ‘kundi’.



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