‘Bigg Boss 16’: Inmates to receive this week’s ration by ‘qismat’

Mumbai : In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, the ration for this week will be based on a task of fate. The voice of Bigg Boss announces a task of ‘qismat’ to decide the ration that the housemates get for the week.

The task is played in multiple rounds. For the task, the house is turned into a ‘BB Fair’ and the garden and pool areas are designed with balloons and several stalls. For the first round, it is announced that one contestant from every room must burst the balloons to reveal a letter that mentions ‘Ab aapki baari’.

Whoever gets this letter, gets the chance to choose a mystery door from the three doors that are set up. Out of the three doors, one has the required amount of ration, another has soft drink cans and the third one is empty.

The first round was played by Sreejita as she gets the letter, but she chooses an empty door, so the opportunity goes to Priyanka who secures some ration for the house. In the second round, Tina gets a chance to earn ration, but she chooses the empty door.

During the third round, Archana walks out of the game declaring it unfair. Stan wins the third round and Sumbul the fourth one; both score soft drinks. A few contestants failed to abide by the master’s instructions of standing in a queue and so he cancels the task and is unmoved by heartfelt apologies.



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