‘Bigg Boss 16’: Abdu Rozik sang in markets after school to support family

Mumbai : The cutest contestant of Abdu Rozik shared details about his days of struggle before he became a sensation on social media. In the upcoming weekend episode, Salman will be seen grilling the contestants over their constant taunting over professions and struggles.

He then tells housemate it is Abdu, who has seen a lot of struggle in his life and asks him to talk about about it. Abdu then shares how he used to walk for 1.5 hours to school and then after school he would go to the market to sing and earn money for his family.

Abdu said: “I used to sing in the bazaar. Per day 5 dollar or 10 dollars used to earn.” He also mentioned that he is the only working member in his family. While talking about his days of struggle, Abdu got emotional.





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