‘BB 16’: Tina’s mother mistakenly hugs Sreejita instead of her daughter

Mumbai : In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, housemate Tina Datta’s mother will be seen entering the show as the family week is going on. Tina’s mother entered the house and mistakenly hugged Sreejita instead of Tina from behind thinking it was her daughter.

Sreejita gets emotional and tears roll down her cheek. However, Tina’s mother realises its Sreejita and looks out for Tina. She looks for her and finds Tina in the garden area. Later, Bigg Boss releases Sreejita in the end.

She goes to the garden area to meet Tina’s mom. Later, Sreejita is heard telling Archana that Tina’s mother gave her a cold hug. Also, in the upcoming episode, the cutest contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ Abdu Rozik’s journey in the show will come to an end as he will be seen making an exit.

He will be leaving the show because of prior commitments A tweet from The Khabri read: “Exclusive #AbduRozik to leave #BiggBoss16 house on 12 Jan because of prior commitments, someone special will come to take him out and that will be end of journey for him.



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