‘BB 16’: Soundarya Sharma accuses Tina Datta of stealing tofu

Mumbai : Fights are a common thing in the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house and nothing is different about the upcoming episode of the controversial reality show as Soundarya Sharma and Tina Datta will be seen locking horns. A tiff takes place between Soundarya and Tina.

Tina later broke down as she denied the accusation put on her by Soundarya regarding stealing tofu. She went through an emotional turmoil and asked why she would take something like food from anyone. She added that she only fights for chicken in this house and not even her own food.

However, the morning for Tina started with a discussion with Shalin Bhanot about where they stand in their relationship. There have been constant ups and downs, and lots of arguments between the two. In an ongoing conversation, Shalin said to Tina to not worry about him and that he goes only where he feels wanted.

He further added that whatever Tina is doing is correct and he is wrong. Upset Tina said to Shalin that she is the one wrong and thanked him for giving her a closure.


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