‘Are you some nawab?’: Archana Gautam pushes out Sumbul Touqeer, stops her from making tea

Mumbai : ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Archana Gautam tried getting aggressive with the new captain of the house Sumbul Touqeer, as she stopped her from making tea in the kitchen. Sumbul didn’t listen, so Archana pushed her back saying: “Tum nawab ho kya kahin ke? (Are you some nawab?)”

As the house has three captains: Sumbul, Soundarya Sharma, and Tina Datta, they set a rule that once breakfast is being prepared nothing else will be made on the gas stove. However, Archana, who is known for breaking the rules said she is going to prepare tea and Sumbul stopped her, saying: “Until breakfast is being prepared on the stove, you cannot prepare the tea.”

Archana ignored her and entered the kitchen to make tea. Sumbul warned her and Archana replies: “Don’t stop me. Many kings came and went. I am not here to listen to you and this gas stove is not yours.”

Soundarya also asked her to wait for ten minutes, but she denied. When the ‘Imlie’ actress again tried to hold her hand, Archana pushed her and Sumbul asked her not to behave like this. “Don’t push me back and don’t fight with me.

As a captain we have our own way of handling the house.” The first day of Sumbul’s captaincy started with a fight and it will be interesting to see how the three captains manage the house. ‘Bigg Boss 16’ airs on Colors.


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