Actress Sreejita De’s career path is nothing short of hard work and strong determination

Mumbai : Sreejita De has charmed us over the years with her acting talent, endearing smile, and engaging personality.The Actress and Model Sreejita De, who sprang to fame after portraying Mukta in the hit daily soap Uttaran, has come a long way. She has been performing on television for more than ten years and has taken on a number of roles.

Sreejita De pursued a new path after playing Dilruba in Nazar and later made her debut in web series like Untouchable and NaxalBari.Sreejita began her career as an actor at the age of 18 and has built a name for herself in an industry that she was not initially drawn.

She has grown more resilient as a person as a result of experiencing ups and downs, after performing well in ‘Anu Ki Hogayi Waah Bhai Waah’. Sreejita never gave up on herself because she recognized that optimism and faith in the future are essential when beginning a profession as unpredictable as acting.

She has also demonstrated her genuine talents in Bollywood movies by portraying Parvati in Tashan, Sonia Lovani in Luv Ka The End, and Geeta in Monsoon Shootout.Meanwhile, Sreejita De has made headlines as she and Michael Blohm-Pape, with whom she got officially engaged on December 21 of last year and are preparing for their wedding next year.


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