Actress Kasthuri hits back at those trolling her for tweeting on power cuts

Chennai : Actress Kasthuri Shankar on Sunday hit back at twitterati who trolled her posts about power cuts occurring often in Chennai.It all started on Saturday night when the actress tweeted, “Power cut. Again. Midnight. Unannounced. Unacknowledged. Chennai vaasis are really stuck. When the government machinery is stoutly denying that power cuts happen at all, then how to expect any relief?”An hour-and-a-half later, the actress again tweeted, “Yay!!! Power is back !! 100 minutes of mosquito bite and humid night later, power is back, so goodnight y’all!”

But by then, she was trolled by some of those who mockingly kept asking her if she didn’t have an UPS or inverter at home.Responding to their tweets, Kasthuri said, “Stupid Sheeple. Yes, I don’t have inverter in my home. In USA also I never had. Is it because I’m poor? Chennai, I pay tax and bill but no metrowater. Instead of questioning goverment failure to supply water, electricity, you troll people to buy can water and UPS. Vaazhga paguththarivu(Long live common sense).”


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