Soon an agreement will be signed with PGIMER, Chandigarh for better treatment of children : Anil Vij

Ambala : Haryana Health and Family Welfare Minister, Anil Vij said that an agreement would soon be signed with PGIMER, Chandigarh for better treatment of children under which health related treatment of children would be easier. He said that I want that children can get good treatment, children are born healthy and they stay healthy and live a healthy life, so this agreement will be signed.

He was addressing the gathering on the occasion of inauguration of Psychiatrist OPD and Telemental Health Services in collaboration with PGI Chandigarh at Civil Hospital Ambala Cantonment today. He said that every Wednesday OPD would be conducted here through the doctors of PGIMER Chandigarh.

He said that these doctors would also work for providing training to entire Haryana through telemental and would also provide their services to the patients along with OPD. Health Minister Anil Vij himself started OPD services by sitting the doctor on his seat.

50 bedded critical care center will also be established- Vij
The Health Minister informed that a Dharamshala is also being built in the premises of the Civil Hospital so that the people accompanying the patients can get facilities. Apart from this, a 50-bedded critical care center will also be set up here. Apart from this, work on nuclear medicine will also be started soon and a spinal injury center will also be set up in Ambala Cantonment.

Mapping is being done to provide health services in Haryana- Vij
He said that we are going to get mapping carried out for providing health services in Haryana and tenders have already floated. He said that earlier health services and infrastructure were provided as per the demand base but now he wants that health services and infrastructure should be set up as per the need base.

He said that the report of mapping will come in next 3 months and the central government has also made available an amount of one crore rupees to get the mapping.

E-Upchar facility has also started, so far 55 hospitals have been connected, will be expanded up to PHC level – Vij
Sh. Vij said that we have also recently started the facility of e-Upchar, under which 55 hospitals have been connected so far and they want it to be connected up to the PHC level, instructions have also been given to the officials for this. Apart from this, soon we are also going to provide a channel of e-Upchar to PGI Chandigarh, under which they will be able to get all the information through e-upchar so that they can be prepared for the incoming patient and provide adequate facilities to them.

He said that only serious cases should be sent to PGI and rest of the treatment should be available in state government hospitals so that people do not have to lines in PGI and only critical cases are treated there.
According to the World Health Organization, one out of every 8 people is affected by mental health
Sh. Vij said that according to the World Health Organisation, one out of every 8 people is suffering from mental health and the person takes this disease lightly. This disease has an effect on the body like any other disease because the patient goes less to the doctor for the treatment of this disease and due to not having enough talented doctors, the patients are not able to get treatment.

The Health Minister said that covid has ended recently and after the end of covid, many effects of this disease are being seen, one of it is also related to mental health, in which increase of anxiety, depression was found. He said that when the second wave of covid was going on, at that time he had requested the well-known singer B Parag to make a song to reduce the frustration and depression among the people so that people could be boosted.

He said that at that time there was anxiety and depression all around us and through newspapers and television, people were panicked. He said that soon the song will be released and we will be able to fight this battle with courage. He said that this facility has been started in Ambala Civil Hospital, the benefit of which will be available to the people of entire Haryana. Apart from this, it will also be expanded soon.

Efforts to provide all facilities in Civil Hospital of Ambala Cantonment- Vij
Sh. Vij said that today efforts have been made to provide all facilities in the Civil Hospital of Ambala Cantonment. Earlier there used to be 152 OPDs in this hospital, which has now increased to 3000 OPDs. There is a doctor available for the treatment of every disease, while once there used to be a broken X-ray machine, but now there is also a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound and cancer X-ray machine.

Apart from this, Cancer Hospital has also been opened here in which latest modern machines have been kept and recently an oncology surgeon has also started providing his services in this hospital. He said that more than 10000 patients have been seen in this hospital so far.

We want that every Haryanvi should not have to go outside Haryana for treatment of any disease- Vij
He said that we want that every Haryanvi should not have to go outside Haryana for the treatment of any disease, he should get facilities for all diseases within Haryana and we should not have to refer any patient. That’s why in this series facilities are being provided in every hospital and medical colleges of the state. He said that we have to provide health facilities to every person and every Haryanvi, so we are continuously expanding health services.

In Haryana, 17 CT scan machines, dialysis centers in each district and Cathlabs at four places in the state operational – Vij
Talking to reporters, Sh. Vij said that today CT scan machine is operational at 17 places in Haryana, dialysis center is operational in every district and Cathlab is being operated at four places in the state. More than 11000 stents have been inserted in the last 3 years under the cath lab established in Ambala Cantonment.

On this occasion, Dr. Sonia Trikha Khullar, Director General, Health Services Department, Dr. Vipin Kaushal, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh and Dr. Kuldeep, Civil Surgeon, Ambala were also present.
Due to the Health Minister, a better step has been taken in Haryana: Dr. Vipin Kaushal

During interaction with media persons, PGI Director Dr. Vipin Kaushal said that today is a very good day that mental health has been added to Haryana’s health services with PGI, PGI doctors will come in the OPD opened today and will provide full cooperation.

Due to Health Minister Anil Vij, this better step has been taken, patients will get full benefit in future. He said that all efforts are being made to create a referral system and full cooperation is being given by PGI. This will reduce the load on PGI and provide proper treatment.

Full cooperation is being given by the Haryana Health Services and many better steps are being taken. While sitting in Chandigarh, we see how good services are being provided by Haryana Health Department due to which referral cases are also reducing. On this day, psychiatric and telemental health service has been started in Ambala Cantonment, it is better for the people of Haryana. Full cooperation will be given by PGI, he added.

Breaking the country is in the DNA of Congress: Home Minister Anil Vij
At the same time, while talking to reporters, Home and Health Minister Anil Vij said that every word of Rahul Gandhi smells of hatred, when he started the journey and said in the first tweet that ‘just 145 more days’ and burning nickar was also put, which means that after 145 days you will set the whole country on fire.

After this, instead of praising the Indian soldiers on the skirmish with China, he questioned their bravery which no one patriot can accept. Home Minister Anil Vij said that it is in the DNA of the Congress to break the country. When independence was achieved, they divided the country, in 1984 thousands of people were killed by instigating Sikh riots.

They are pretending to travel to remove the stain of breaking the country on their face. Vij said that he could not enter Gujarat, seeing how many people come there to listen to PM Narendra Modi.

As long as the Congress was in the North-East, it did not go there and not a single brick of development was laid there. Today, when PM Narendra Modi goes there, the entire North-East gathers.



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